Why we need to stop a Trump trade deal

The Trump administration’s “America first” attitude leaves Britain in a vulnerable position in trade negotiations with the US. Everything is up for grabs in these negotiations with very little to gain, a trade deal with Trump is only set to boost the UK economy by 0.16% over a fifteen year period.

At first glance, it may appear that the NHS is no longer under threat from a US-UK trade deal. However, the risk is not that Johnson will sell off the whole NHS to US healthcare firms but that modern trade deals include rules on data flows, market access, investor protection, intellectual property rights and trading services. All these elements of a trade deal with the US will increase the extent to which private firms can operate within the NHS. 

Our NHS deserves better.

If Johnson signs a trade agreement with Trump it’s likely there would be a ‘race to the bottom’ leading to the lowering of standards, including standards of food quality, environmental protection, and animal welfare. These are all standards British farmers currently uphold but would have to sacrifice in order to remain competitive with the US farming industry. 

British farmers deserve better.

The UK government has vowed to be a global leader in the fight against climate change. Yet, documents leaked last year from preliminary negotiations between the UK and US state that Trump’s administration has told the UK that the climate crisis cannot be mentioned. 

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