Our Background

A short history of March for Change 

March for Change was launched in June 2019 to highlight the risks of a Boris Johnson premiership, including his plans for a no-deal Brexit. We rapidly mobilised people across the country against Boris Johnson and in favour of staying in the European Union. Thousands joined us on the streets of London on 20 July 2019 from across the UK.

When the UK government unilaterally decided to prorogue Parliament, we went back to the streets and coordinated over 30 'Defend our Democracy' demonstrations up and down the UK.

We were outside the Supreme Court for the duration of the battle to determine if prorogation was legal. We were thrilled when it was ruled an illegal prorogation.

We fought Brexit tooth and nail, but we are not seeking to re-fight the battles of the past. 

We are back with a new mission: to campaign for close EU alignment as we leave the EU, and against a Trump trade deal which damages our NHS, environment and agri-food standards as well as our rights and freedoms. 

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