Petition: Don't trade with Trump

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The UK Government is negotiating a trade deal with Donald Trump behind closed doors. And they won’t even let Parliament have a vote on the deal when it comes out of hiding. We already know that they are refusing to put in legal protections for our NHS ownership, patient data, animal welfare, food labelling, food standards and so much else. There are such things as bad trade deals – and this is certainly a very, very bad deal for the UK.

Many have pleaded with the Government to protect our NHS, farmers, animal welfare and environmental protections – but now, not even Parliament has the ability to protect those for us. This is undemocratic and the public have been let down. Now our only option is to raise such a clamour that the Government do not dare sign any deal. We’ve seen them U-turn before when the public pressure is too high. So add your name to this petition to the Government: say no to a Trump trade deal.

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Stop the UK government from signing a trade agreement with Trump 

Our NHS, our food standards, our environmental protections are not for sale

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